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Sharefund helps you communicate and coordinate tasks and resources with family and friends

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Patience for a "Foreigner"

For our first personal blog, we wanted to share a caregiving story from our Sharefund team. So, here is one that actually happened to us. We hope it helps us help each other.

What is Sharefund?

If You Are Caring For a Loved One

Have you ever felt alone in your caregiving experience? Do people keep telling you “let me know if you need anything” but don’t show up to help? The reality is that it is hard for people to know what to help with. Sharefund is a platform that helps you ask for specific tasks in a defined timeframe, enabling your family and friends to easily take on that task to help you. Start today!

If You Are Helping Someone In Your Family Care For a Loved One

Ever felt like you wanted to help this family member or “family caregiver” in some way but not sure how? The truth is that they may not ask you for help but could sure use a hand. The good news is that help with even small chores goes a long way in reducing caregiver stress. One way to help is to start a Sharefund for them and start coordinating tasks with other family members today!

Why a Sharefund can help you

Sharefund helps you coordinate tasks and resources with family and friends with a free and easy platform. We make it simple and fast for those in your network to join your campaign and sign up for tasks. Help with even small tasks can make a big difference when you are caring for someone you love. Join the Sharefund revolution today!

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How to create a Sharefund

Starting a Sharefund is easy and free!