Get & give help for a family member or friend who needs it.

Get help with tasks with an easy scheduling tool and invite others to help.

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Using Sharefund to get help

Testimonial 1

I need help taking care of my father. But I only want help from my immediate family and friends. We started a private campaign.

Get help for a family member or friend who is ill or aging

  • Sign up is free and easy
  • Get help by assigning meals, rides, visits, avnd chores
  • We help you organize with task-planning with a simple calendar tool

Using Sharefund to give help

Testimonial 2

I wanted to help my neighbor get a ride to a medical appointment. It did not take much of my time but she was really appreciative for the help!

Give help to a loved one or friend or community member easily

  • View all needs, and sign up for the task that fits with your schedule
  • Receive reminders of your tasks
  • Post messages to the team